Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 9/17

Soaking up the sunny weekend with some lovely rides along Lake Washington.

Apple season is here in the state of Washington. I picked these lovely Gala's at Gerry's parents' house in Orondo over Labor Day. There were too many to eat plain, so I baked a Smitten Kitchen apple cake and shared it with my co-workers.

Also taken from my bike this weekend - Husky football fans on their way to "sailgate" before the game. It's a popular way to enjoy UW football. Although I really enjoyed how Sydnie and I got to the game this weekend - rode our bikes and then used the UW bike valet. Fast, secure, and we basically had all of Montlake open to us as we rode home.

Action shot from the slip and slide relays over Labor Day at Gerry's cabin. The childhood favorite, now enjoyed by adults, has evolved from an actual slip and slide purchased from Wal-mart to visqueen, tarps, and snow tires, to what we are now using: visqueen, a tarp at the end, and pool noodles to funnel the water. I was really hesitant to try this, but it ended up being a ton of fun. And I'm not sure how much of a workout it was, but my abs were really sore the next day. Totally worth it.

My new favorite morning snack: homemade granola from the dahlia bakery cookbook (birthday gift from my friend, Sarah).

Action shot from my favorite race not to race: Starcrossed! It's fun to watch and cheer from the beer garden. And it's also a good chance to catch up with cycling buddies. One of my friends who raced in the women's elite race AND the single speed race (where she placed 2nd) said she'd teach me some skills and let me borrow her bike someday. I said, "not until my tri season is over." CX looks like a blast, though I'm afraid it would take away from the lazy off season I'm planning.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week as we transition into fall. And although I try not to gush over my sponsors too much (to the point of it sounding insincere), I have a true sense of pride today in seeing the enthusiasm Oiselle has created garnered for women's running.
With Heart,
PS - something for October and November: coffeeneuring