Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Training Go-to Packing List

As many of you know, I spend a lot of summer weekends training east of the Cascade Mountains. Sydnie’s (my best friend) dad has a house near Lake Chelan and coincidentally my boyfriend’s family (another triathlete) has a house three miles down the road. So there’s usually a small group of friends interested in seeking sunshine and open roads for a weekend getaway, as soon as the training volume picks up. The landscape between Wenatchee and Chelan is rocky with a lot of good climbs and long stretches of road. Last weekend I rode 100 miles with a total of 5 stop signs. And the weather tends to be hotter and dryer than Seattle, especially in the spring months. I’ve spent close to 10 weekends per year over there over the past few seasons. Despite the fact that packing and unpacking nearly every weekend can start to be a chore, the post-workout nap or float in the river and barbeque with friends is pretty relaxing. And it’s typically better recovery than when I stay home on the weekends and try to attend to errands, wedding/baby showers, birthday parties, dinners across town, and household tasks.

I went ahead and put together my go-to list for our summer road trips to Chelan. It’s basically my own little packing list that I plan on using most weekends this summer. This way I can refer to it when I pack up my things every Thursday night and hit the road after work every Friday afternoon. Sydnie and I have our routine down well enough that we know whose turn it is to pick up snacks from Whole Foods and who will pick up Starbucks smoothies with our summer Treat Receipts.

Here’s my list. I think I also need a mixed CDs section on my blog for good road trip music.

·         Swimsuit
·         Wetsuit
·         Cap and goggles
·         Body glide
·         Sunscreen – spray and face (the good stuff) and Chapstick
·         Flip flops
·         Towel


·         Bike shorts (2)
·         Bike jersey/tank (2)
·         Arm warmers
·         Bike jacket (only in spring)
·         Rain jacket (spring)
·         Sunglasses – sporty and cute
·         Bike Pump
·         Helmet
·         Bike shoes
·         Tights, if springtime cold
·         Tubes and CO2

·         Running shoes
·         Running tanks
·         Running shorts
·         Socks (2)
·         Sports bras (3)
·         Running Visor

Non-workout clothes and Other

·         Underwear and non-sports bra bras
·         Toiletries
·         Garmin and charger
·         Phone Charger
·         Extra visor/hat (non-sweaty)
·         Shorts/cut-off (2)
·         Jeans
·         Oiselle jacket and sweatshirt
·         Long-sleeve
·         T-shirts (2)
·         Tanks (2)
·         Nicer outfit for wine tasting?
·         Pajamas/Lounging clothes

Nutrition and Recovery

·         Calories for s/b/r – I usually count this out Thursday night and then add extra gels/bars just in case
·         Water bottles
·         Nuun – so much nuun (I make sure I drink at least one bottle of this before I crack my first post-workout brewski)
·         Magazines and book
·         Movies
·         The Stick and foam roller
·         Coffee/Via
·         Grocery List/Recipes - sometimes I'll make pasta or quinoa salads ahead of time (sometimes)
·         Cookies - my go to cookie recipe is this one

Okay, back to packing!
Pictures from Chelan the past couple years


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  2. I love Lake Chelan! My aunt and uncle have a place there… may have to make a trip out with my bike! Here's to a summer of fantastic training weekends! :)

  3. I think that you should add "flip flops (2)" in case yours are missing when you get out of the lake. Who steals someone's shower flippy floppies?

  4. This is a legit packing list! I'd have to write it down too. :) See you in Chelan one of these weekends?!