Thursday, June 6, 2013

Park Tour!

A few weeks ago my friend Arielle tweeted this article by professional cyclist Alison Tetrick: “20 Tips on how to be a Triathlete by a Cyclist.” While I may disagree or struggle with some of these tips (like #20 the bike is the best part of triathlon – I can’t cheat on my first true love, running), she brings up some very valid points to embrace the practicality, beauty and style of riding a bike. I particularly like #14: Cycling doesn’t have to always be considered a “workout.”
However, with a full plate of workouts during a training build, it’s sometimes hard to find time to pump up the tires, slap on the spandex, and spin around for a while. But every time that I do, I fall in love with the bike even more and tell myself that someday when this serious triathlon stint ends, I’ll still put in bike miles because it’s just so damn fun.

It's especially fun when the Pacific Northwest weather is so beautiful.
One of my favorite ways to enjoy riding my bike when I’m not training or doing a workout is through “Park Tour.” Park Tour is something Gerry (the BF) introduced me to a couple years ago. It goes like this:
1.       Grab your bike and helmet on a nice day.
2.       Fill a backpack with a few beers.
3.       Bike to a park.
4.       Hang out and enjoy a beer.
5.       Repeat until the sun goes down or you’re out of beer.
There’s no shortage of public parks in Seattle, so we change up our route and sometimes we can convince other friends to join us. No matter the parks or the beer or the friends, it’s always a good time. It’s a great, cheap date and the public parks are much more enjoyable than a stuffy bar. Put away your bike computer, call up a friend, and head out on Park Tour. I’m quite certain you won’t be disappointed. Obviously take caution when drinking and biking and having open containers in public places.

Part of the tour: Golden Gardens, Greenlake, Madrona
Continued: Lake Union, (sometimes there's a pub stop), Lake Union from another angle.
I’ve also embraced the practicality of cycling by turning in my parking pass at work and becoming a regular bike commuter. It adds another level of complexity (and packing and changing clothes) to Ironman training, but the easy spin in Seattle’s awesome springtime weather twice a day plus the cost savings makes it completely worth it.
Ride safe and enjoy the bike! Rubber side down!

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