Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 6/5

Training is in full swing which means a) creativity wanes and b) I don't really take much time to post pictures or blog... c and d) I'm a little grumpy trying to fit everything in and I'm pretty much eating all the time. So, here is round-up that spans the last few weeks. My taper for Ironman CdA is just around the corner, so hopefully I'll soon be able to spice up the blog posts.
I spent the past three weekends in Coeur d'Alene, ID, Central WA, and Seattle, respectively. I packed in the miles, but also enjoyed some quality time with good friends. Here are some ramblings from the past few weeks.
The Student Center at Seattle U has become a new friend. I go there daily for some fruit-infused water, Thai iced tea, or to grab a breakfast burrito (stuffed with tator tots!) after hard training weekends. I was recently there for lunch and got asked if I was looking for a summer job. I'm glad to know I still (kind of) fit in as a student.
Saturday was the final broadcast of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" with Carl Kasell as the official scorekeeper of the show. Nerds around the country, including Barack Obama, bid adieu to our favorite voice in radio.
I went over to CdA with my friends David, Adam, and Julie. The three of us in this picture are all racing IMCdA, just like we raced St. George in 2012. Since St. G was changing from a full Ironman to a 70.3 that year, all their merchandise was really cheap and the three of us bought matching sweatshirts. We never miss an opportunity to bust these out together. Though I will admit, I felt a little self conscious wearing a sweatshirt with the M-dot plastered all over it.   
Also on my CdA training weekend, I rode the old course. Anyone who raced her prior to 2012 will recognize this junction. I miss the old course - it was more technical and scenic.
This past Friday night I ran 20 miles after work (not at a 4:18/mile pace), followed by stuffing my face with salty teriyaki chicken and then watching the Pre Classic online. Galen Rupp set *another* American record with his blistering 10k. If you don't already follow track and field, there is some really good stuff out there. He ran 1:57 for his last 800 meters! So impressive!
A couple weeks ago, I attended an event at SU that included a successful alumna, Robin Wehl Martin, who talked about her new cookie shop in Seattle. I tasted the habanero chocolate chip and the snickerdoodle - both amazing! Definitely worth a stop for good coffee, delicious cookies, or an ice cream sandwich.

This picture says so many things. You can read about it here. I love Oiselle for being bold and pushing the boundaries - in business and in sport. Congratulations to Heather, Katie, Kate, and Brenda on an amazing race at the World Relays!
And finally, a picture from Golden Gardens in Seattle . I felt like garbage (energy wise) on Tuesday, but rallied to finish my bike workout. It's sights like this that really turn my mood around. I'm entering my final push of IM CdA training. It hasn't been easy, but I feel like I'm strong and healthy and will be able to put down a good race on June 29th.
Best of luck to all to those pushing their limits in training!

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