Friday, August 15, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - end of June, July, part of August edition...

It's been a very busy summer and although there have been a lot of opportunities for fun photos, I'm often not the type to slow down, stop what I'm doing, and capitalize on documenting the moment. Here are a few pictures from fun memories this summer and a glimpse of what I've been up to:
Prior to CDA, my friend Jill hosted dinner at her house to celebrate Susan's birthday and get "the divas" together. These girls have been friends through thick and thin and it was extra special to have Susan's daughters, Ellie and Lucy, join us for the night.

Two beverages I've been slurping on all summer are iced coffees known as shakeratos, based on the recommendation from Orangette. I use homemade cold brew coffee and sweetened condensed milk. It's such a delicious treat. The other frosty beverage I like to make, much easier now that I have a Ninja blender, is frozen coconut limeade from Smitten Kitchen. I feel like the lime is a very underrated fruit. Also, I tried this with light coconut milk last night and it wasn't nearly as good - stick with the full fat option. If you've stumbled upon my blog, you're probably working out a bunch anyway.

Shortly after CDA, I enjoyed a local beer tasting with my friend Elizabeth (first timer at IMCDA - she did great!). I swear these little tasters look bigger in this picture. Anyway, it was nice to enjoy some good beer outside with a good friend on a school night as we rehashed our races.
Obligatory Golden Gardens summer sunset shot - doesn't get old.

The last weekend in July I traveled down to Santa Rosa and played Sherpa as the BF raced the full Ironman at Vineman. He's  one of the red caps in the Russian River in the picture above. Gerry raced well and placed 3rd overall. I was able to get in some fun Ironman workouts and check out the great riding around there. The day after his race, we joined some friends and spent time on Lake Sonoma. It was hard to leave.  

Last week I went and watched some super fast ladies at the local all-comers meet. They set up a high performance women's 1500m and I was able to cheer for Oiselle teammate, Kate Grace.

Over the years I've attended a handful of cooking classes at The Pantry, a community kitchen in a beautiful space behind Delcancey restaurant. This shot was from their Summer Farmers' Market Class. Amazing. I finally inquired about becoming a kitchen assistant and am now part of their team. Last Sunday I helped with a sauces and condiments class and this week I'm helping with a class on Pacific Northwest cuisine. The instructors are very knowledgeable and even famous (this Sunday I'll be cooking with Kari Brunson, ballet dancer turned chef). It's a great chance for me to learn a few things in the kitchen and I get to try some delicious food.
I'm a real sucker for Starbuck's treat receipts. And I went for a big one ($2 for an expensive coffee drink - yes, please) on this particularly hot summer afternoon. I'm sure there is a health magazine somewhere telling me not to "drink my calories," but the chocolate whipped cream made me weak in the knees.

Two weeks ago I lost my keys on a long run (left them in a Starbucks bathroom and had to run extra long to retrieve them) and then last week I "lost" my phone (it was in my lunch bag). After feeling particularly stressed out and loopy, I broke my rule of "no drinking on a school night" and treated myself to a cold one on the deck. It was also a reminder that I need to chill out a little, especially as training and racing build.

My patio was transformed into a bike shop the other night. Just add Papa Murphy's pizza and Sydnie as the supervisor.

I'd like to get back in the routine of posting on a weekly or at least semi-weekly basis soon. I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful and safe summer.

Best of luck with all your training and racing,

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