Thursday, November 17, 2011

It’s official: I’d rather get a face full of horse sh*t than miss workouts!

It’s official: I’d rather get a face full of horse sh*t than miss workouts!

Not even close to what I look like mt biking
On Sunday I crashed on my mountain bike. And by crash I mean took a real digger on a bridge that was the least technical part of our ride. Let me just say I’m dabbling in mountain biking and really liking it. It’s a good diversion from road riding and my TT bike. I’m just not very good at it. My friend Brent has taken me out twice. Two weeks ago he took me riding on a route that seemed like a green circle if it were a ski hill, but I still kinda sucked at it. After that he told me, “Dude, do that route 5 more times and I’ll take you real mountain biking.”
A little more what I look like,
but still a lot less cool
About mid-ride on Sunday (still a green circle) we were crossing a bridge that was covered in leaves. BOOM! He went down. Double BOOM! I went down. Same spot. Independent falls. I didn’t run into his wheel or ride over him. I got up, asked if he was alright, made sure my arm was attached, and then erupted in laughter. It was like “Home Alone” and some little brat put oil on the bridge to watch us wipe out. The rest of the day I took a nap to sleep off some of the trauma and did some home yoga. I had yoga on my schedule, but was NOT going to pay for it if I couldn’t do side crow or Warrior 1.

By Monday it was a struggle to put my hair in a ponytail, so I opted out of swimming and made a doctor’s appointment instead. No ligament tears or breaks, just a shoulder sprain and some bruising.
Later I got this message from Brent:

Real funny, horse
“I was telling my buddy how we apparently ran over a land mine while biking this weekend. I totally forgot that we were riding last year and he ate shit at exactly the same spot except he actually ate shit because his face hit horse poop that was on the bridge.  So all in all I think our fall was less tragic.”
When I was explaining this to Sydnie she asked, “Would you rather have a sprained shoulder or get a face full of horse shit?” I guess I’d rather face plant in horse poop. I’ve missed two swim workouts this week and I think I’ll be back in the water by tomorrow or Saturday. Still, it’s driving me nuts!! I realize a lot of people have injuries, and I’m no exception, but when it comes to the “would you rather?” game I’ll take horse crap over missed workouts any day.

I need to remember this during weeks when I’m 100% healthy. Give myself a different option: 4000 yards in the pool or a face full of horse crap. I’ll take swimming any day!

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