Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Years

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to write a Top 30 list of advice, but it turns out I'm not that wise. I also thought about a chronological highlights list for each year of my life, but who would want to read that?! Instead I went out and celebrated the best way I know how: with a race. I traveled down to southern California for Oceanside 70.3 with some really great friends. I'll write my race report and weekend recap later (spoiler alert: it was awesome).

After my first year in Kona I included this in my race report: "I realize my life is measured in miles and miles and miles, race finishes, Mylar blankets, post-race celebrations, finish line hugs, training partners, friends who support my hours of training, family who will watch me race, digging deep, recovery months, and enjoying the race. All of it. Life really isn’t what I expected it to be at 28. I didn’t know I’d get to swim, bike, and run all over some really great places and into the arms of my family, friends, coaches and teammates." A year and a half later, as I turn the page into another decade, it couldn't be more true. Life gets better with each race memory. I don't know if or when I'll ever grow up, but I do know that I have a really fun life and I am surrounded by truly kind and inspiring friends and family.

Every year is a gift and I am lucky to have 30 of them.

With Heart,

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