Saturday, March 24, 2012

Going (going), Back (back), To Cali (Cali)...

Oceanside 70.3 is just a week away and, in the immortal words of Notorious B.I.G., I’m very excited to be Going (going) Back (back) to Cali (Cali). Last year Oceanside provided a wonderful race experience (2nd AG - Boom!) and a lot of fun memories. Oceanside is known as one of the most prestigious and competitive races on the 70.3 circuit. It is also seen as the unofficial North American kickoff event for the Ironman season. The combination of these two perceptions makes for a lot of fast participants, but also kind of a laid back atmosphere. It’s kind of a way to bust the rust and kick the tires before the “A” races get underway.

I am still sorting things out and determining clear pace goals for the day. I am feeling good about my fitness and speed, despite lots of Ironman training, and ready to put it all together on race day to see where I’m at going into Ironman St. George. But the real reason I’m excited for this weekend is to celebrate the BIG 3-0 with a few of my best friends. Tesia (she turns 32 on race day), Sydnie, Alicia, and I have been planning this birthday trip and race weekend since last spring. My teammates and fellow Kona qualifiers, Robin and Katherine, as well as long-distance training partner, Sam, will also be there for the weekend. These girls were integral in helping me keep my cool and pump me full of confidence at Ironman Coeur d’Alene last year, which was probably the most mentally challenging race of my life. It’s good to know that we will all be there for pre-race hugs and to kick off the 2012 season together.

Boom in your Face - 4 of Seattle's Tri-babes: Tesia, Syd, me, Alicia

But besides race plans, we are all looking forward to some sunshine, traveling together, dressing up and going out post-race, staying a couple extra days for vacay, and of course, some race day tunes. Sydnie has been mixing great “Let’s Race” CD’s since Kona 2010 and they are often the product of months and months of Pandora and recommendations from friends. So if you run into 4 of the whitest girls in Oceanside (give us a break, we live in Seattle!), laughing, smiling, possibly wearing matching Puke & Rally sweatshirts (from our Hood to Coast team) and rocking out to Flo Rida, Nelly, Kanye, and Jay-Z, stop and say hello! Maybe Sydnie will be willing to burn you a "2012 Let's Race" CD.

Good luck to all participants in Oceanside next weekend and to everyone, have a great 2012 season! Let's Race!!


  1. Wooohoo!! You're going to rock it. I'll be virtually cheering from the east coast :)

  2. You are correct, we are going to be the 4 palest girls in Oceanside. I actually think that I'm whiter than the sunscreen that I'll have to generously apply all weekend so I don't burn (ghostly white is better than lobster red, right?). 1 more swim, 1 more bike, 1 more run (minus Fri)...let's do this!

  3. Way to go today Cathleen. Have a fab birthday weekend!