Tuesday, June 12, 2012

(98) Days of Summer

It’s no secret one of my favorite movies is “(500) Days of Summer.” Coincidentally (I promise) my crush on Tom Hansen began shortly after a break up last May and I have been known to watch this movie multiple times a month (okay week) regardless of my super exciting love life (sarcasm). So, I’ll pretty much jump at any chance to make a 500DoS reference. This is a weak attempt, but here I go.This year there are 98 days from Memorial Day until Labor Day and here is a list of goals and things I’m looking forward to this season.

1.   Grow edible plants on my patio – this has been a goal for some time now. About a month ago, I picked up starter kits (the one for carrots and lettuce was geared toward kids ages 8-14) and gave it a go. Currently dill is in the lead and about to be put into a grown-up pot. I’m secretly cheering for cilantro, so I can throw myself a Mexican fiesta! I will update at the end of summer.

2.   Try 2 new recipes a month – preferably with herbs and veggies from number 1. “I’m stalking…I mean I’m starving.”

3.   Make days off true days off – this means don’t try and “make up” any workouts missed or stay out late doing non-triathlon things. It’s meant to be a rest day, so I must rest – feet up, stress free, clear the mind and recharge.

4.   Play tennis and golf - two of my sports in high school were “country club sports” or ones I can play the rest of my life. Sidebar: tiny Mora, MN doesn’t scream “country club” in the slightest. It might scream small town, meth lab, or teen pregnancy, but not country club. (No offense, Mora, I still love you…just happy I don’t live there anymore and like many, clung to sports rather than small town riffraff). Anyway, I need to brush up on my tennis and golf skills before I head to Minnesota for the Knutson Family Reunion in July. It's gonna be awesome.

5. Clean out my closet and bike storage space – I have no need for the grocery bags full of old race shirts or bike tubes. I just need to find a place that will recycle my punctured bike tubes. After some summer cleaning, I’d like to restock my wardrobe with some cute workout clothes from brands like Oiselle.

6. Maintain gallery of photos in the kitchen – we live in a world of Facebook and Instagram, but rarely do we print and share photos. Like I always say, “I only hang out with good looking people,” so I need to make sure I keep the photos up to date. So smile pretty, my friends. You can expect more printed photos this year.

**Yes it annoys me that I can't figure out how to indent 5 and 6 like the others. (shakes fist)

7.   Spend tons of time in Eastern WA – best friend Sydnie has a house (it’s her dad’s) in Orondo, WA. It’s just east of Lake Chelan on the Columbia River. It is the perfect training center for triathletes. Our routine revolves around workouts and eating. Everything else just falls into place.

Riding in Eastern WA

8.   Spectate at least 1 race – Over the years I’ve had so many friends cheering for me on the sidelines. I feel like I do a crappy job at giving back from this angle due to my own racing and training schedule. So this year I’m blocking out July 15th to cheer for my teammates and friends at Lake Stevens 70.3. Double cowbell even.

9.   Do something very Pacific Northwest: I haven’t decided what this is yet. Last year I spent a weekend in the San Juan Islands for my friends’ wedding and went to the Hood Canal for a bachelorette party. I’m thinking of biking up Hurricane Ridge or something else on the Olympic peninsula.

10. Besides all this, I’m loving my summer training rituals: Friday morning lake swims, sweaty runs, long bike rides wearing sunglasses, races, training camps, running relays, easy rides in Seattle after work, and lots of laughs.

I encourage you to make a list of your own. In the end, perhaps your expectations won’t align with reality, but it’s fun to plan and fun to dream. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Happy Summer!


  1. I like these goals!! The only things on my list are to buy a bicycle and keep the plant on my balcony alive. Beyond that, I think I need some new hobbies/goals/adventures to take on this summer!

  2. oooh, he's SO cute! I like watching him in Inception as well and it looks like he's muscled up for The Dark Knight Rises this summer :)

  3. As usual I'm laughing out loud and being like "wait...is she stealing the thoughts right out of my head again?!?!"

    Love it! I just might have to make a list of my own!