Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 2/23

A love story favorite: The story of Danny and Annie Perasa — how they met, and how they've stayed in love — inspires many who hear it. Their joy in life, and in one another, was celebrated in New York, where a crowd gathered to honor Danny and Annie after hearing it on NPR. Listen here.

Harry's - This company caught my eye when I read about it on the Skimm. It's a 10-month-old company pulled off a hundred million dollar acquisition. I was not only intrigued by its entrepreneurial success, but impressed by the sleek packaging and stylish razors. I bought a package for Gerry for Valentine's Day and one for myself (works well for shaving legs).

I went to Bend over Presidents Day weekend to visit our friends Laurie and Eric who moved there last fall. This is a shot from our snowshoe trek near Mt. Bachelor. I loved the fresh air and bright sun. Lexi (the dog) loved everything.

I fell back in love with the sport of xc skiing after seeing some of the coverage during the 2014 Olympics. I followed Kikkan Randall through the games and wish there was more life being breathed into the sport in the U.S. This article was excellent.

I opened up my brand new Cuisinart this weekend and went to town chopping vegetables and making condiments. I used this recipe for salsa, Gwyneth Paltrow's chimichurri, and mixed some hummus. In other news, I am old and this is about as exciting as my weekends get.

And finally, big news on the track, especially on the Twitters. Read the recount here. The picture above is of the 1500m taking a stand for Gabe. I watched the coverage from the race and her kick on the last lap was so beautiful and strong. To me, her interaction looked like normal track contact. (picture from @flotrack Twitter)

Pic 4

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