Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 2/9

I bought my uncle's (dad's sister's husband, so not Knutson) memoir, "Heart" this month, kind of because of the Valentine's season, but also because I like the story. He gives the history of the emergence of open heart surgery and how it impacted his middle class family in St. Paul, MN in the 1950s.

Monday I did exercise testing on the bike and treadmill at Seattle Performance Medicine. My coach and my friend Hallie are taking over the testing from Dr. Cooper, so they tested me to practice. Everything went well and we got results on Resting metabolic rate, VO2max, exercise metabolic rate, exercise fuel utilization, aerobic threshold, and anaerobic threshold. Picture compliments of Hallie. I've come to terms with how beefy my arms look while running.

I’m slightly addicted to this cold soba noodle recipe. The peanut sauce is light, tangy and amazing.
On Sunday Sydnie threw a surprise 60th birthday for her dad at a fun German bar in Seattle. A bunch of our friends showed up and her dad introduced us as his “triathlon friends.” He opens up his summer house in Eastern WA for us to use as a great training spot, so we were all happy to be there to celebrate with him. This is a picture of part of his German band. Not pictured: Sydnie’s dad, Johnny. He’s out talking with his triathlon friends.

It snowed in Seattle on Saturday, which means dicey driving, transition runs that are a bit slower, and some really sad looking snowmen around the lake.
Have a great week!


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