Monday, March 24, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 3/24

*I swear I will write a real blog post one of these days. For now I'm glad a few of you are enjoying the roundups.

Big news: I spent BOTH weekend days riding OUTSIDE. For some reason I've been rather wimpy this year and opted have for the Computrainer instead of the slick, rainy roads. Alas, we had two beautiful weekend days and I spent them biking or bricking around the PNW. I snapped this picture of Snoqualmie Falls mid-ride Saturday. My Saturday ride took me over rivers and through small towns, many of them like the area 50 miles north, which is suffering the impact of Saturday's mudslide. My thoughts and prayers go out to this community. 
For anyone who hasn't heard, Kara Goucher signed with Oiselle last week. I was lucky enough to meet her at a team run in February (I'm the nerd in the Ironman hat). It's a big move for Oiselle and it also sounds like a big move for Kara. You can read about it on Oiselle's blog here or Competitor magazine's article here. This news plus some spring weather inspired me to buy a new running tank top, much like this runner. (photo cred: Oiselle blog)
The first weekend of March Madness was not disappointing for most viewers. Games were decided by slim margins and overtime minutes. My boss is a Gonzaga fan, so we had a "meeting" at a bar up the street when they beat Oklahoma State (Sunday they got killed by Arizona). But the best discovery of the first two tournament days was the two TVs set up in the athletic department, which is just down the hall from my office. Anytime there was a close game, a few of my co-workers and I would watch the last few minutes. Have I mentioned that I'm really enjoying my new job?
Saturday I made this decadent double chocolate banana bread from the Smitten Kitchen blog. Everything I've tried from  her blog or cookbook has been amazing, including this cake...I mean "bread." Make sure you have a tall glass of milk to wash it down. It's delicious.
Nuun launched a new product and had a launch party a couple weeks ago. I was able to try the different flavors and hang out at their headquarters (very fun). Check out their new line here.


  1. I love the sometimes weekly roundups!

  2. haha - i spotted you right away when i first saw the oiselle pic. i love the nerd in the ironman cap!