Sunday, March 16, 2014

SWR - 3/16

Long runs after work are starting to look like this! I took this around mile 10 of a 16 mile run on Thursday.
The NCAA basketball tournament is one of my favorite events in sports. Gonzaga will be returning for its 16th year in a row. Like many, I have some regrets from my late teens and early 20s, but 2 things I will never regret are 1) falling in love with college basketball, and 2) becoming a runner. You can read why here.

And because I'm both a fan and a product of Title IX, I will also be following the women's team who finished ranked 18 in the AP polls this year and won the WCC championships.
I've been really impressed with the sustainability efforts on campus at Seattle U. I learned that the students petitioned to get bottled water sales off campus (because the water used in manufacturing recyclable plastic bottles is ridiculous). And there are lots of options to fill bottles on campus. One of the cafeterias has delicious fruit infused water and I've been filling up with orange mint or strawberry mint as a mid-morning refresher.
Nerds everywhere celebrated pi (3.14) day on Friday. My new office is located in an old pie shop. It's kind of cool, other than the fact our cool storage is filled with files and journal entries, rather than pies.

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