Monday, April 14, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 4/14

My beloved bike is now retired. I bought this P2C in 2008, 6 weeks before my first Ironman. I've pumped out several miles on this pony, including 10 Ironman races, lots of podiums, 4 Kona qualifiers, and now a Pro Card. I'm planning on changing the headset and turning it into a sweet road bike. My bike for the next 10 (more or less) is an Argon18 E-116.   

There was a great group of students who organized a bake sale on Equal Pay Day. I picked up some cupcakes and cookies for my department. They charged $.77 for women and $1 to illustrate salary inequity. I should note there was also a male student at this table; he just wasn't there for the pic. 

I spent the weekend in Chelan with a group of girlfriends who are also strong triathletes. We biked and ran most of the day on Saturday, but also did some wine tasting that night. It was a really fun trip and we all left with some solid fitness in the bank and lots of laughs. The multiple wine glasses were tasting flights, not full pours.

I didn't take this picture...obviously. It's from runnerspace Instagram. I loved that Haile Gebrselassie paused to take a picture with three other sub-2:04 marathoners prior to the London Marathon on Sunday. 

Spring riding on Sunday - some of the orchards are starting to bloom. Have a great week!

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  1. Congrats on the new Argon! You'll love it! #newbikedayisthebestday :)