Monday, April 28, 2014

Sometimes Weekly Roundup - 4/28

Runners (and Americans) rejoiced when Meb crossed the finish line to win the Boston Marathon last Monday. I've run Boston 7 times and have a very special place for it in my heart. I hope to go back someday to make that left turn onto Boylston.

Last Saturday I saw "St. Paul and the Broken Bones" play at The Tractor Tavern in Ballard. The show was excellent and we were only a few rows from the stage. I, however, resisted any urge to take a picture of the show, since it kind of bugs me when people do that. Just enjoy the music! Anyway, be sure to check them out!
This past weekend I traveled to Gearhardt, OR for a weekend at my friend Susan's so-called "shack." There were 9 of us to enjoy the cozy comfort of her beautiful beach house, along with great company, lots of laughs, and delicious food. We are all sharing our recipes, which I will likely share on this blog. I made old standbys - lentil soup and cauliflower salad. The top picture is of three women I truly admire (friends Deanna, Susan, and Jill); I wish I could run with more often.
On Easter I became a Godmother! My friend Brittiny asked me to stand up at the baptism of her darling daughter, Clare. I was more than happy to enjoy the baby cuddles throughout the Easter Mass.

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