Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Holidazzle Run Recap

Outside the bar after a quick stop
If "12 Days of Christmas" was 9 days longer, my friends and I would have to make up the 21st verse. 21 runners running - that was us on Wednesday night. It was a group of friends all connected through racing and training. From doctors to writers to engineers to coaches to accountants to nurses, we took Queen Anne by storm in our decorative Christmas costumes. The 2011 Holidazzle run was a wonderful success and I was more than happy to see old friends getting together and new friendships being made. Here is a quick recap of the night.

6:30 - girls meet at my house, touch up costumes, laugh, hug, be merry.

6:45 - group picture and run route instructions

7:00 - first stop for pictures at a house with over the top lights and decorations. We run into the cutest group of elementary school carol singers for "The Christmas Song." We struggle after "chestnuts roasting on an open fire," but manage to sound acceptable.

7:05 - stop at Paragon Bar & Grill where the bartender serves us shots on the house. We also run into some guy friends who had organized a "Holi-dude" run to correspond with our route.

7:15 - continue on the run and manage to keep a pretty good clip.

7:45 - stop at Kerry Park for some more pictures and a few carols - Silver Bells, Jingle Bells to name a couple.

8:00 - end up back at my house for chili, snacks, salads, cookies, drinks, and other food stuff. The dudes rolled in a little later, so naturally I served up some White Russians.

I think most people left around midnight with the last partygoers lingering until 1:30am...definitely late for a school night in a group full of early morning workouts. Everyone seemed to have a blast and enjoyed a chance to share some endorphins and laughs during the busy holiday season. I love my friends and am very thankful for my health. The Holidazzle run was a chance to showcase them both. All week I've found myself laughing about things that happened throughout the evening; it was a great time. I'm already making notes and planning for next year.

Merry Christmast to all!

With 4 of my 5 Hood to Coast girl teammates
Puke and Rally for life!

Fast girls looking for a good time

"Say it's carol singers"
- Love Actually quote anyone?

Posing at Kerry Park with the
Seattle skyline in the background

One benefit of throwing a party -
leftover beer to last me through winter

Gotta love 20+ type A runners


  1. I am either
    a) doing this in Vancouver or
    b) coming to Seattle!

    Our X-mas tradition is the Karaoke Trolley Lights tour. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

    1. I don’t know what my deal is, but I love the holidays more and more every year! You should definitely plan one of these; it’s my favorite run of the year! (and your trolley tour sounds like hilarious fun)