Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Year in iPhone Photos

As I sat on the tarmac flying back to Seattle from my Christmas ski trip, I found myself looking through pictures on my iPhone. Every single one of them made me smile as they brought back memories from the past year. Here are some of my favorites:

(From Left to Right, rows 1-4) February: skiing in Utah with my parents and uncle. April: staying with my cousin and his wife in Boston before the marathon – I love math references. May: I received All-American honors for my 2010 season; I took this picture to send to my coach. June: Eastern WA riding – this was on my over-distance day: 130 mile bike + 1 hour run. June: Tri girls never grow old – celebrating Sydnie’s 30th birthday with a morning swim in Greenlake. June: Good luck flowers from a secret admirer (aka – my parents). June: Interview with Universal Sports to talk about defending the W25-29 AG title at Ironman CdA. June: Ironman CdA finish line – as long as I can still stand at the end of an Ironman, I will always go watch the finish line. It’s electric! July: A fun 4th of July BBQ – I love the shadow of the guy dancing in the background. July: celebrating friends’ wedding in Roche Harbor. August: Hill repeats at sunset with Mt. Rainier in the background. August: Puke & Rally at Hood to Coast – weekend of the year! November: run around Greenlake with Chrissie Wellington. November: Triathlon prom - aka a night out with some of Seattle's triathletes to celebrate the end of the season. December: Christmas themed swim. December: ski trip to Utah with my parents.


  1. What a fabulous year!!!! You've accomplished so much in sport and with friends/life...excited to see what next year brings. xoxo

  2. Love your photo recap!! Fun idea. How'd you make that nifty square?

  3. Thanks, friends! It's been a great year. I used for the photo collage.