Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fitness is a good feeling, isn’t it?!

"Fitness is a good feeling, isn’t it?!” This was in an email from my friend Alicia after I tweeted something about a fast tempo run. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a trend on Facebook and Twitter from many of my runner/triathlon friends. Everyone is posting updates and tweets about their improved fitness AND I LOVE IT!!

Here is a random sampling:
"18.5k “track” workout on the treadmill this evening… and my legs actually feel pretty solid. When did that happen?"
"Another solid track workout tonight, after a morning swim: 7x800 w 2min rest. 2:27, 26, 26, 24, 27, 25, 27. Yeah, 2min is generous rest, but pretty soon I might have to admit I’m not quite retired anymore…"
"Evening track practice highlights include victory mile repeats (6:09, 6:07, 6:00, 5:52 Boom!) AND Chris Tremonte wearing my shorts"
"Lots of miles on these feet this weekend! 18 yesterday, 11 today…I feel like a marathon runner! I hope everyone’s weekend was as wonderful as mine!"
"10 mile track workout on the treadmill done! didn’t kill me but wowza that was hard :)"
“Surprisingly good trainer session in the books since I refuse to race in 37 degrees and rain/snow tomorrow. Not dumb enough to do that twice!”
“No wonder I was seeing stars at the end of my run. Just saw my max HR. Hasn’t been that high in a WHILE.”

And one by yours truly that inspired the opening question above: “Sub-6 min pace for tonight’s tempo run. I think my head exploded.”

Notice a few treadmill and trainer sessions from Seattle people. I think we are all ready for some spring weather.

I will admit I go back and forth between feeling sheepish when I talk about my progress over social media and wanting to shout it from the rooftops. And don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I’ve been kind of annoyed/confused to read people’s very detailed workout descriptions (Crossfit "Workout of the Day"…I don’t even know what half the exercises mean!). Most times I don’t share my workouts with others, mostly because I don’t think anyone cares. But sometimes it’s really nice to share progress with someone other than your coach or regular training partners.

So while race season is upon us and you are proud of your fitness gains, feel free to showcase it however you want. Whether it’s 16 tweets a day, blogging, a subtle comment on your friend’s Facebook page, texting old boyfriends to remind them how fast you are (not that I’ve done this…), or just crushing us all at your next race. Most of us are doing this sport because we love it and we do it for ourselves. But it’s fun to share the excitement. I would imagine that most everyone who has been involved in this sport for more than a couple years has found a way to become surrounded by other strong, energetic, enthusiastic friends and athletes. I would also expect that anyone who is in a healthy, competitive, supportive headspace would be excited for friends and teammates and their fitness gains.

So keep up the good work, my friends. You should be proud of your hard efforts and new levels of fitness. And if you’d like to share it with others, we are out here willing to listen.


  1. Im sure you're crushing those workouts too, ready for o-town! whoop whoop! celebrate those, we all love to celebrate with you!

  2. Fitness and running your nutsons off is a good feeling! ;) Another great writeup and I agree that it's been so encouraging seeing all of the fall training months of labor start to bloom within us. Can't wait for summer!

    1. Keyes!! I love our lives and I love our Metler nicknames. Can't wait to see your fitness shine through next weekend!!