Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shamrock Swim

Top 'o the Morning - it's 5:15am in this pic
Last month I mentioned my love for swimming and my longing for holiday themed swims. The next day Sydnie proposed a St. Paddy’s Day Smashfest (a la Hillary Biscay). It wasn’t going to be a true smashfest (100x100) because 1) we don't swim in a tropical, pretty outdoor pool like some professional triathletes, and mostly 2) we needed to finish everything (showers, changing, perhaps hot tub time, before/after pictures, and a mega swim) by 8am in order to get out of the parking garage without paying. Plus we wanted to allow some time for breakfast.
After a bit of brainstorming Syd and I pitched the idea to some of the other “tri-babes” and started creating a buzz at morning Masters. Alicia had the idea of ordering matching green suits from our friend Mike who works at BlueSeventy. (Despite the fact that I am almost 30, my love for matching workout outfits runs deep). Since several of our teammates are racing Oceanside on March 31st, I knew we’d have longish workouts on Saturday. So we opted for a St. Patrick’s Day Eve swim and did the workout below on Friday March 16th.

All the matchy match girls - this was our 1st try for this shot (as in 6th try)
1200 warm-up swim (break it up, if needed)

1100: 11x50s/50drill (4 catch-up, 3 fingertip, 2 fist, 2 one arm)
1000 10x100 – 75 build/25EZ

900 pull: 100 fast, 200EZ, 300 fast, 200EZ, 100 fast

800: Good twin: 400 (25ez/25hard, 50ez/50hard, 75ez/75hard, 100EZ) 30 sec rest
        Evil twin: 400 (25hard/25ez, 50hard/50ez, 75hard/75ez, 100hard)
700: 7x100 kick (with fins because we don’t have all day)
600: 6x100s on the (1:25, 1:35, or 1:45 – each lane choose interval)
500: 5x100 stroke other than free
400 pull: 4x100 steady pull
300 3x50 drill/50swim
200 kick
100 w/d

I wrote the workout based on the “12 Days of Christmas” swim from December, since I knew people preferred sets that got shorter and shorter. And like my physical therapist said, “So 7,800 yards is your go-to holiday workout?” I guess it is. I got a lot of good feedback from people saying they didn’t get bored with all those yards and it was pretty fun. I loved it! I was really impressed that we suckered about a dozen people to join us at 5:15am and another 20 or so to jump in mid-way. Afterward a group of us stopped at Portage Bay CafĂ©, one of Seattle’s best breakfast spots, for some serious noshing before heading into work (albeit a bit late). I have a good feeling we started a new tradition and I’m already looking forward to 7,800 yards ‘o fun in 2013.


  1. Love it!!! Hillary would be proud!!!

    1. Something to mark on your calendar for your 2013 Out West training tour! Thanks!!

  2. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    1. Was it the matching swimsuits??! Good thing you were racing last weekend or I would have showed up at your door with a pot of gold and a green swimcap!